Pivot with the grace of 100 ballerinas

A closed off platform leads to inflexibility, disjointed workflows, and data silos in your organization

Creating Made Easy

Intuitive and easy to use drag-and-drop editors are available across the platform. Campaigns, Automations, Forms, and Pages – all as flexible as you are.

Actionable Data

Turn insights into actions and systematically improve performance. We make it easy for you to not only take action on the data you have, but to build and adapt customer journeys for a better experience.

Powerful Integrations

Reduce human error and effort, and use your data better through our 870+ integrations. Need more? You can also leverage our API with a custom integration!

Tessitura Logo Tessitura Logo

Tessitura Integrated

It’s not an afterthought: we built Prospect2 for Tessitura powered organizations. With more than 20 years of experience developing for Tessitura, the Prospect2 team knows your needs inside and out—and it shows.

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Built with ActiveCampaign

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel or in retrofitting an email marketing platform to do marketing automation. Instead, after evaluating almost every platform out there, we’ve chosen to partner with ActiveCampaign. We’ve used our knowledge and years of experience in the field to build a seamless Tessitura integration that allows Tessitura powered organizations access to tools and features they have never had before.

Postmark Logo Postmark Logo

Truly Transactional

Sending marketing messages and transactional emails via different sending IPs is one of the golden rules for protecting your email delivery. With Postmark, you can now send personalized transactional emails triggered by our Tessitura integration, ensuring you can reach patrons no matter what.

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In the cloud over your head

When your data is hosted in your region, you benefit from faster processing speeds, increased reliability, and easier compliance with local regulations.

European Region
North America Region
Australia Pacific Region

To help support the success of our global customers, we have established data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific as part of our commitment to helping organizations grow securely and safely with Data Residency in-transit and at rest.

ActiveCampaign, Tessitura, 2Accounts, and many of our integration partners follow this same model, providing you with consistency and security wherever you are.

Automation Automation

Automate Everything

With Prospect2, “Automated” doesn’t need to mean “generic” when it comes to your patron experience. We’ll help you build logic, create paths, and use personalization across communication mediums to tailor each patron’s experience to be unique as they (and you) are.

SMS Illustration SMS Illustration

SMS Anywhere

With our SMS tools, you can reach patrons outside of their inbox. Whether it’s for on-sale reminders, traffic or storm alerts, or even emergency broadcasts, patrons are just a text message away. SMS is available in all counties!

Leverage AI Image Leverage AI Image

Leverage AI

AI-powered content generation tools help you go from idea to message in seconds. You’re able to easily generate personalized and engaging content tailored to you using the magic of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

Push Notification Image Push Notification Image

Push Notifications

You can trigger Appscension Push Notification anywhere within a contact’s journey in a Prospect2 Automation. When you combine this with our robust Tessitura integration, you have one more powerful way to expand your omni-channel communication options and reach your patrons beyond their inbox.

Crawl Walk Run Image Crawl Walk Run Image

Crawl, Walk, Run

From your first Automation to the personalized omni-channel communication you never thought was possible – we are here for you every step of the way.

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What is email anyways?

Guided by our expert deliverability team, we teach you how email actually works and why authentication, deliverability, and sender reputation matter for the health and security of your organization’s digital presence.