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What is Prospect2?

Prospect2 is a combination of both the Marketing Automation platform ActiveCampaign and our Tessitura Integration. When we say “Prospect2” or “Pro2”, we are talking about what we offer as a whole. We are a value added reseller of ActiveCampaign and the Pro2 team provides all support, training, and assistance for both platforms. We provide personalized onboarding, training, and support for our users.

ActiveCampaign holds the email addresses and contact preferences of the people who are interested in the organization and have given permission to be emailed with news, opportunities, and offers. ActiveCampaign also offers thousands of third party integrations that are available for our clients to leverage, like GA tracking, Twilio, Facebook Custom Audiences, and more.

The Prospect2 Integrated Dashboard is what links Tessitura and ActiveCampaign, allowing our clients to use the majority of our features without needing to be in Tessitura. This allows our clients to easily take action on patron data, send personalized communications at just the right time, and build robust customer journeys that help evolve people from general interest to committed ticket buyer, member, or donor.

What is L2 Suite?

L2 is an award winning design and software development company founded in 1989. We have been working with Tessitura organizations for over 20 years.

We see that our clients work more efficiently if they have the right data in the right place at the right time – not all the data in all the places. We do this through smart integrations and powerful combinations of tools that can be leveraged as needed.

What other products are in the L2 Suite?

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Web builds for all types of businesses and Tessitura-integrated arts organizations. We offer a full suite of services from planning & strategy to design, coding, support, and hosting.

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Donate2 Forms for 1-Click donations, Stream2 Forms for digital content, Flex2 Forms for memberships, events, and more, all with Tessitura integration.