Tessitura Integrated Features

Our 20 years experience integrating with Tessitura has enabled us to create an integration with your entire organization (not just the marketing department!) in mind.

Our robust integration allows you to combine the Tessitura features you know and love with the enterprise level Marketing and Customer Experience Automation platform, ActiveCampaign. Built for cross department collaboration and centralized patron communication, our solution can meet you where you are and grow with you.

By harnessing the power of Tessitura and the REST API, Prospect2 automates processes that facilitate the customer experience. The entire application is sensitive to organization and control grouping in Tessitura in order to accommodate consortium complexities. From new members of the Tessitura Network to those who were there at it’s conception, Pro2 is the right choice.

Take a dive into a few of our integrated features…

Scheduled Triggers

Allows you to send a dynamic group of email addresses and corresponding data from Tessitura into Pro2 automatically at a scheduled time. Scheduled Triggers can leverage either Tessitura Performance data or a Custom View.

  • Provide highly personalized communication to your patrons without day to day effort.
  • Automate pre/post event communications, membership or subscription renewals, donation acknowledgements, upsells based on purchase or attendance history, and more…
  • Use actions in Automations beyond sending an email. Build paths and logic that do things like send an SMS, add or remove a Tag, send a webhook, take even action with a 3rd party integration like Shopify.

Data Sync: Tags

Data Sync is designed to either add a tag or add and remove a tag based on specific dynamic Tessitura LML criteria. For even more data points, common data fields associated with qualifying contacts and/or an output set can be updated each time the job runs

  • No need to manually update these ever changing groups of contacts with this tool, saving you time.
  • Automate processes like keeping members up to date with a tag, allowing you to quickly identify your current/active members for segmentation or identifying patrons who are due for a membership or donor renewal, and more.

Contact Point Purposes

Our integration allows you to track communication preferences for individual email addresses within a constituent record by creating a one-to-one relationship between either a List or Tag in Pro2 and an email address in Tessitura.

  • Seamlessly keep communication preferences for individual email addresses within a constituent record in Tessitura up-to-date between both applications.
  • Provides a better experience for your patrons and for your customer service staff when assisting patrons.
  • This leverages native functionality of both platforms, it’s easy to use regardless of where the changes are taking place.

Pro2 Custom Screen

The Custom Screen provides visibility into the Prospect2 contact record for a particular email address. The Custom Screen allows the viewing and updating of preferences for each individual email address that exists on a constituent record by your customer service staff.

  • While patrons can manage their own preference, this provides customer service staff with the ability to assist if needed.
  • Provides insight into automation history and which campaigns the patron interacted with.

Customer Service Issues

Our Customer Service Issues (CSI) integration provides a way to automatically generate CSIs on constituent records when certain automation criteria are met. They can even be associated directly with a performance in Tessitura for better organization and reporting.

  • It makes it very easy to turn information from patrons into action items for your customer service team.
  • The two most common use cases are for handling event cancellations and gathering patron feedback.

2Account Integration

The 2Account integration allows you to leverage data from Donate2 | Stream2 | Flex2 Forms. This integration includes a marketing opt-in, as well as ActiveCampaign deep data ecommerce, and CX integration. This data is also updated in Tessitura where applicable through the 2Account direct integration with Tessitura.

  • The integration updates Pro2 with the order in near real time, allowing you to instantly send patrons down a path based on their actions.
  • Take action in Automations for things like if the patron covered costs, if they donated above a certain dollar amount, if they made repeat transactions over time, if they rented streaming access via AppleTV, and so much more.


Special Activity Integration with Typeform

Our Integrated Special Activities connect response data from an online RSVP form build using Typeform to a Special Activity within Tessitura. When the RSVP is submitted, the Pro2 integration updates the 3 fields on the corresponding Special Activity on the patrons constituent record in Tessitura.

  • Saves a ton of time compared to managing this through a spreadsheet.
  • Makes it easy to trigger other actions, like automated reminder emails or follow ups to those who are (or are not!) attending.
  • ActiveCampaigns native Typeform integration allows you to to ask additional questions beyond the three Special Activity fields, and have the responses updated on the contact record in Pro2.