Prospect2 is the first marketing automation platform integrated with Tessitura.

Built specifically for arts and culture organizations, Prospect2 helps you automate a seamless digital experience for your patrons by communicating the right content at the right time.

Explore a few of our features below.

Drag and Drop Editor

Put what you want where you want it: Prospect2 is flexible, responsive, and modern. With your own template and content block library, beautiful emails are just a few clicks away.


Trigger contacts into automations from Tessitura data, website behavior, Shopify purchases, and more. Build logic, create paths, and use personalization to tailor each patron’s experience to be unique as they are.


Sometimes you need something special and that’s okay! If you’re looking to achieve something we don’t offer out-of-the-box you can use our robust and open API to customize integrations, forms, and more. 


Turn “Hi Patron, thanks for your donation!” into “Hi Sydney, thank you for your $300 donation!” With our Tessitura Integrated Scheduled Automations, you can even have tokens populate data from Tessitura based on your patrons’ unique details.

Conditional Content

Take personalization to the next level: show different content to different patrons, all in the same email. Show current donors a thank you message and could-be donors a reason to give.


Gather sign-ups with our simple inline forms, pop up boxes, floating bars, and windows. Our forms are completely customizable to suit your needs and fit your brand.

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Hide on Mobile

Say farewell to excessive copy that no one reads on their phone and hello to captivating images and buttons. With a single click, hide content blocks from displaying on a mobile view.

Event RSVP

Save time and energy with our Special Activity Integration for automating event RSVPs. Automatically update your Special Activity in Tessitura with your patrons’ responses.

Custom Screen

Give box office staff a window into Prospect2 from within Tessitura. Any time a patron has a question about an email they received or wants help adjusting their preferences, you–and the custom screen–are there to help!


Always wanted to know who opened your newsletter in the 90210 zip code? Or which folks shared your email on social media? Or who clicked on a link over twenty times? With hundreds of data points available, the options are limitless.

Labels and Folders

Keep all of your campaigns, templates, automations, custom fields, and reports organized with Labels, Groups, and Folders. Perfect for multi-department teams or for folks who like to keep things sorted.


With our built-in spam check, desktop and mobile views, enhanced inbox preview, and the ability to send tests to a real inbox, you’ll always have peace of mind when pressing Send.

Contact Point Purpose

Integrating Tessitura Contact Point Purposes with a list or tag in Prospect2 will allow you to seamlessly keep custom communication preferences for individual email addresses within a constituent record in Tessitura up-to-date between both applications.

Customer Service Issues

Our Tessitura Customer Service Issue integration allows you to generate a CSI at any point in an automation. You can use this to take something like a patron’s request, feedback, actions taken in a campaign, and put it directly in Tessitura. 

Contact Permissions

Ensure you’re communicating with patrons who have given consent. Contact Permissions in Tessitura allows you track patrons’ explicit consent on a constituent record. When a contact subscribes or unsubscribes from a list in Pro2, our integration will seamlessly allow you to keep permissions up-to-date.

Landing Pages

Create beautiful landing pages with easy-to-use templates in minutes. Using landing pages with your marketing campaigns can help boost lead generation, sell products, trigger automated workflows, and more.

Web Personalization

Create beautiful landing pages with easy-to-use templates in minutes. Using landing pages with your marketing campaigns can help boost lead generation, sell products, trigger automated workflows, and more.


Facebook Custom Audience

Save time and take it outside of the inbox! Whether you’re trying to reach disengaged contacts or want to be more targeted with your ads, our Facebook Custom Audience integration is here to help.

Additional Integrations

Not finding something we offer out of the box? Want more data from an external application in Prospect2? There are over 870+ 3rd party applications you can connect with, truly allowing you to create a full marketing stack.


Love data? We have the reports for you. From Campaign, Automation, Field, Contact, Form, Attribution, Web Personalization, and more. Pro2 offers a variety of reports which allow you to see which of your efforts are performing best. 



Why wait for an email response when you can communicate with your patrons in real time! Interact with leads and patrons using two way chat with our Conversations feature. Display chat widgets on your website, or even integrate with Facebook Messenger.