Open Up Communication When Doors Close

March 13, 2020

Cancellations are inevitable

Every organization at some point will have to cancel a performance, a lecture, an exhibition, or something else someone was looking forward to.

It is critical to communicate effectively with your patrons to ensure a simple and elegant experience for them. It is equally important not overwhelm your box office and other customer-facing staff. 

With Prospect2, there are so many channels to communicate with patrons.

We were going to list them all, but it’s honestly too much for a single post. We’ve put together a few of the best ways you can take advantage of Pro2’s feature set to communicate with your patrons. The examples we are using below revolve around cancelations, but these ideas translate out to many other situations with just a few tweaks. 

Some of these examples are super simple, while others have more moving parts. Many of these examples can be used in conjunction with each other to build a better patron experience.

With Pro2, you don’t need to think of your communication channels in silos.

When you combine the power of multiple communication channels with Tags, Automations, Custom Fields, and our Tessitura Integration, you have a comprehensive set of tools to tailor your customer experience and fit your needs.

Add a Click Action, like applying a Tag to a link or button in an email.
You don’t even need an Automation to do this! Click actions can be added to any campaign you send from Pro2.


Use Automations to take some of the leg work out of following up with patrons.
You can easily set up an Automation to resend a campaign to patrons who didn’t open after a certain amount of time, or to trigger other actions (some of which we’re covering below).


Tell patrons about a cancellation via SMS
Easy to set up and great for emergencies or time sensitive information. Gold and Platinum plans have this feature built in (reach out to to purchase SMS credits for your account!) and if you are looking for a more robust SMS service for things like two-way SMS, we integrate with PlusThis and YetText that do just that.


Our 3rd party integrations with Call Loop and YetiText allow you to use voice broadcasts
Call patrons with a prerecorded message letting them know what’s up. You can also give them the option to confirm they received the information or to be connected to your box office.


Make things easy on the box office by generating CSIs in Tessitura using our CSI integration.
With this integration, a CSI can be generated in Tessitura for a patron at any point in an automation. Use the CSI to let the box office know about a patron’s feedback, an action they took within a campaign, or anything else you want!


Use our integration with Facebook Custom Audiences.
This feature is on our Gold or Platinum plans to change the kind of advertising that a patron may see based on information we have about them in Pro2 or Tessitura. For example, you could display to a patron, who has not yet confirmed what they want to do with their tickets to a cancelled show, an ad that has information about the cancellation and prompts them to contact the box office or fill out a Prospect2 form and generate a CSI in Tessitura. This is another way you can use something you are already doing, like Facebook ads, to personalize your communication.



Two additional forms of communication that organizations are starting to use as they expand their customer experience strategy.


Site Messages allow you to target messages on your website.
Site messages are available on our Platinum plan. You can make it personal and send messages based on a contact’s interactions with your organization, history on your website, and information you’ve integrated from Tessitura. You can deploy site messages using automations, so that they reach your contacts at the most persuasive moment


Have real-time patron interaction with Conversations (NEW)
Conversations lets you connect with patrons on your website, both desktop and mobile.  Notice it’s not called Web Chat. Why? Because Web is just the start. Think Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS/MMS, and others. Give your patrons the support they need, when they need it. Use Conversations to provide a better experience. Conversations is available as an add-on to all plans. Do you need Conversations for 1 or 10 Prospect2 users? Maybe you have single support staff using conversations on the go. They could use the Apple iOS app or Android App. You want to empower the entire box office support staff, they can use Conversations at their desktops. If you are interested, reach out and let have a discussion about Conversations.



After all this, they can’t say you didn’t try! 😉